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Do you live and breathe Star Wars. Want to search the world for the best range of Star Wars toys, games, action figures, replicas and collectables.

The Light versus the Dark...what an intricate story! For more than 30 years people of all ages have been deeply entrenched in this legendary Saga of Good against Evil, Jedi Knight against Sith Lord, Brother against Brother, Father against Son.

Although this story is from a long time ago, in a place far from ours, countless souls have wondered what it would be like to go on the journey of our heroic Jedi or the treacherous Sith; the Grand Army of the Republic or the Seperatists; the loyal servants of the Galactic Empire or the heroes of the Rebel Alliance that sought to end the rule of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.

So where do you fit in to the Star Wars Saga? What would you like to experience? At Saga Central we can help you find all you need.

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